Miliki Wajah Tirus Berbentuk V, Gunakan L'eterna V Line Mega Serum Instant Shaping Spray

Officially adding a new skincare into my routine! Introducing you L'eterna V Line Mega Serum Instant Shaping Spray. This is a Taiwanese brand and its main function is to give you an instant V shaped jawline!

💛The packaging looks super fancy and elegant. It's quite big but they also have a smaller tube for you to refill so you can carry it around while traveling. (smaller tube will be available soon)

💛The texture is lightweight and sticky at first but once you let it set in, it won't be sticky. You can use this before makeup as a toner, eyecream, and after makeup as a setting spray.

💛It contains baobab, European plum, caffeine, and nicotinamide extract to help reduce fine lines and wrinkles thus prevents and reduce aging process, to give moisture, and to lift and tighten your skin. It will also help to control excessive oil on your skin so it won't cause millia.

💛You can see the results right away but I'm also hoping to see a more permanent results in the future 🥰

Get yours or visit their website at!


by @ jacquelinetashaa